Frames are not dropping. Your internet is bad.
Slippery cocks escaping my grasp.
I'm raising my dongers as we speak.
Big donkey dicks, that's what I like to hear.
So fast!
Rinku! Rinku! No!
Ugh... Fuck Nintendo and their shitty controller.
Fuck ah blee blee.
No, invisible wall! Why, what the fuck.
I'm dead! I forgot health is a thing in this game.
Butt salad percent strats.
Welcome to Ocarina of Time!
I don't have my hands in the back end of SRL.
Well, shit.
I am the penguin.
My childhood!
Oooh! Oh my god, what?
There's a new shader in town.
Chi City Mayne!
My desk is covered in tissue.